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Succulent Care Tips

  • Please unpack your package once you receive it with care ASAP

  • Trim or cut off the dead roots. 

  • Remove dead leaves or leaves turned to transparency. A few loose leaves and quilted leaves are normal. Some loose leaves can be saved for propagation.

  • Place it in a cool and ventilated place for a few days before planting 

  • Right soil is very important for planting succulents. Please use fast drainage soil – our recommended soil mix formula is ratio 3 cacti & succulent soil, 1 perlite and 1 pumice. However, it depends on your zone and weather to choose the best soil for your succulents. Please use pots with drainage holes for better root growth and drainage. Place succulents on top of the soil. You can put an Akadama soil layer on top of the soil for promoting succulent roots faster. 

  • Place succulent in a dry, well-light area with no direct sunlight until the plants are fully rooted. 

  • It is normal for some old (bottom) leaves may be dried up before the plants are fully rooted.

  •  Once succulents are rooted and stable, move it to partial sun then full sun gradually. 

  • To maintain the beautiful color of the succulents, sufficient sunlight, water and temperature are important factors 

  • Water 7 – 14 days depending on weather and season. Please let the soil dry complete from top to bottom of the pot between watering. Common mistake is to water again when you see the top soil dried but the bottom soil is still wet and it is easy to get roots rotten.

  • If you feel your succulents become softer, wrinkle, quilted or leaves falling off after planting for the first few weeks, it is normal. They are in the rooting process. They use the water they stored in their leaves for surviving while pushing energy to grow new roots. When new roots grow out, they will absorb water, they will be beautiful again, growing new leaves and babies if they're matured enough. If they are flowering while growing new roots, I recommend that you should cut the flowers off so succulents can reserve all the energy to grow roots faster. After pictured each succulent, we started rooting process for the succulents right away while waiting to send them to their new home. Some succulents are in rooting process may be wrinkled and quilted but they are healthy. It will take a few weeks for them rooting and a few months for fully rooted. 

  • Each succulent is like unique child who may grows differently depending on their living condition. Please be patience and enjoy their growing process. However, good attention and great observation will help you understand your succulents and their needs since everyone has different planting technique, weather, lighting condition and so on. We hope you all can find joy and peace in growing the succulents like we do. Feel free to update us the pictures of your beautiful succulents. 

  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at



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